Bloomberg Caught In Secret Gun Confiscation Plan

On February 9, ran a story about a state of New York mayor publically announcing his decision to leave Mayors Against Illegal Guns because the gun control group demands an all-out “confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens.”

Mayor John C. Tkazyik said in a annoucement published in the city’s newspaper that he quit the group when he discovered it  was simply a vehicle to secretly promote Michael Bloomberg to “promote his personal gun-control agenda.”

MAIG intends to promote and then actually confiscate guns from all citizens in the U.S.  Beware!

Alex Jones, originator and powerful driving force behind, the Austin, Texas based, anti-globalist, worldwide web, 19-year old publishing and broadcasting monolith, has the story behind this and related items associated with Bloomberg’s plan to confiscate all weapons from owners throughout the entire U.S. and do it now.

Bloomberg, until recently the authoritarian mayor of New York City, formed MAIG to achieve his confiscation goal.  MAIG consists of mayors and associates from various cities.

The MAIG members do have plan for confiscation of all firearms.  Believe it!
Alex Jones, describing the plan and its ominous meaning.
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