Another Major Website taken Offline By Feds to Prevent Exposure of Israel?

The website was taken off-line on the Internet prior to this morning, presumeably by the US federal government surveyors or some other organization seeking the prevent worldwide exposure of the relationship of Israel to hidden American policy.

Nothing but a white computer screen and a very brief summary of the conference to be held in Washington, D.C., this morning were visible except a descriptive title.  The description stated: National Summit to Discusss US Policy toward Israel.  The site was not titled.

The conference is to have dozens of high-profile experts on American-Israel policy onboard to discuss what will be highly critical, though not well-know facts about the US secret arrangements with Israel.  These fact are not known reportedly by the public and but only by some of the conferees.

Conferees could likely expose facts the US government would not want known by the Americans and will cause enormous upheavals toward the American government with regard to its Israel policy.

This conference was annouced one of Joyce Reilly’s guests on the morning show over the Genesis Communication Radio Network.

Ron Larsen
March 3, 2014


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