Solar-Powered Water Purifiers – Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM

I’ve just come across a great article by Jeff Yago in Backwoods Home magazine on the web.  It is one of the better articles around.

I had been looking around for a system that had a little more in it than my Berkey water filter, which I’ve had for about ten years.

This system described by Yago does some additional pluses in addition to the Berkey that really fill the bill.  See what you think.  Here’s Jeff.
Issue #146 • March/April, 2014

Most of us can stay alive up to a month without any food if stranded, but we could not live longer than three days without water to drink. Some satisfy this need through the high-water content of soft drinks, milk, coffee, beer, or tea. Regardless of our choice of drinks, our bodies must have water to drink or we will die.

You would think something this critical to life would be considered extremely valuable. However, since we are never more than a few feet away from a water faucet or water fountain, and receive a free glass of water as soon as we sit down in any restaurant, we take clean drinking water and clean ice for granted.

I have worked in several modern countries where the only safe drinking water was bottled water. I have also been in some countries where drinking the local water or adding locally-made ice to bottled water would make most westerners deathly ill. No doubt some readers live in areas where clean utility-supplied water is not available, and others may live in states where the geology makes drilled wells very expensive, if even possible.

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