Secret of Military Suicides Exposed

Alex Jones exposed the secret of military suicide on this video, April 7, 2014.  And no, it isn’t a secret at all.

Jones TV team has been out the investigate the shooting several years ago by the Army psychiatrist an Ft. Hood, Texas and then again by another shooter this April at the base.

In both cases, the shooters were said to have broken down and killed innocent soldiers that were at the base.  These persons who murdered were known be psychotic and were on a healthy rations of drugs used for people under psychiatric treatment.

The Infowars team have recorded many other cases of mass shootings, both military and civilian.  Always the teams find the killers were on prescribed psychiatric drugs, chiefly Ambient and assorted other medicines that are called sarotonin uptake inhibitors.

In the last episode in April 2014 at Ft. Hood, Jones send out a TV camera crew to a meeting after the shooting to learn what the military had learned about the shooter and the killings.

The lieutenent general, who was answering questions, admitted the person responsible the killings, who died of gunshot wounds he incurred while being chased by police, was on psychiatric medication.

The military men and women on the base are not armed.  That is, according to the rules, military personnel on the based cannot carry and any weapons.

This is unfortunate since a single person armed with rifle could have taken down the killer before he shot anyone or at least could have stopped him when he ran after shooting.

During the debriefing, one of the Infowars members asked if it might not make sense to have the military men and women on base, who normally carry rifles in battle, be armed all the times while at the base.

This would enable to them to quickly protect themselves by pointing their guns at the men who planning to shoot them and take the would be killers into custody. Or, if the killers had already begun shooting, stop them with rounds from their guns.

The general replied that having the troops on base armed was not on the agenda.  According to the general, there are plenty of military police on duty at the base.  They are well-trained to do the right thing when this sort of incident occurs.

When ask how long it would take for them to arrive at the scene, the general said just minutes.  Pausing, he thought about his answer and modifed his statement to not over a half-hour.

This would be way to long a time to wait for the military police to come, assess the condition, block the killer and arrest him or and chase down the man and apprehend him.  The killer could have slaughtered way over the five or ten persons he presumably had in mind before the military police finally arrived on the scene.

Sounds like the Army brass regards its fighting men as mere pieces of trash, doesn’t it?

Similar to the way the government views its people.  Right?

You know the people need guns to protect them from thieves, or from government agents if they turn out the be renegades!

But the anti-gunners say just let the thugs or robbers accost the nice couple with no guns.  Since the have no guns, the couple can just call the police, who will show up in an hour to report on the robbery and tell them everything is all right.  Right?

Wrong!  Too bad.  When the police arrive, the place in cleaned out and that nice couple is dead as a door nail, shot up, lying of the floor of their home,

Yes, it is too bad!

Alex Jones tells the story.
Alex presents a special report on the tragedy at Fort Hood and the connection between SSRI drugs and mass shootings.
To obtain of copy of the report, move mouse over this link.  The press the button on the mouse until the transfer occurs.



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