Keiser Report: China Kicks US Buck

The United States has been the leader on world trade since 1872.  This is about to change later this year when China becomes number one economically.

This is a remarkable change in the stature of China, from being a manfacturer of chop sticks and ill-fitting clothing in 1965 to space ships and sophisticated electronic hardware a half century later.  How did they do it?  What part did the U.S. play in this change?  Was it accidentally or on purpose?

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the so-called apparent remarkable humanitarian outlay for the U.S. overseas this year and the Roman precedent, which was said to be equally concerned with the welfare of the people when it has reached the pinnacle of world power of the day.

To understand the only apparent change in U.S. policy, remember that it now has one-hundred-ninety bases throughout the world.  It is now, like Rome of past, a world empire.  It is time, perhaps, to think about the peoples’ welfare, or so it would seem, as the U.S. slips in position two in the world’s economy.

Keiser and Herbert also discuss the new World Bank purchasing power parity estimates which see China’s economy surpassing America’s later this year. They also talk about the obsession of the neocons, bombmakers and drone killer manufactures wth making sure that they will forever have people to murder and nations to turn into reluctant friends of the U.S.
Copy the video report of Keiser and Herbert by moving your mouse of this link.  The press the button on the mouse until the download stop at completion.



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