David Rockefeller, in Person!

David Rockefeller, in person!  Brought to you courtesy of Alex Jones, Infowars.com…Sad view of the world, isn’t it?

Go to Infowars.com to find out all about Rockefeller and the globalist if you do not already know the Bilderberg group, an organization formed in the 1950’s, dedicated to entually transforming the world to global government.

Global government  will control all separate governments, which means that the U.S. government — and every other government in the world — will lose its ability to make laws that apply solely to its people.  Control will rest entirely with massive organization of the new body.

Furthermore, constitutions of individual goverments would vanish, replaced by the constitution for the global government.

This means the Bill of Rights, the United States first ten amendment to our constitution, would no longer exist, nor would the constitution!

Furthermore, we in the United States would no longer be assumed to gain our freedoms and our liberty from God.  Instead, they would be given to us by global government conditionally. That is, global government could take them away at any time political events called for doing so.

Global government has been the plan of the elites for scores of years, hidden in “plain sights” by David Rockefeller and his hundreds of follow thinkers, who are the major movers of world politics.

The global thinkers have been with us for one-hundred years or more, but David Rockefeller has been is spokeman for twenty years or more

Though small in numbers, this global alliance by Rockefeller does have a major influence of the world, setting value of money and setting the affair of state for all nations.

However, global government is now a prime subject to discussion, for the world is in a topsy-turvey condition and the economics and financial well being of nations is in disarray.

This falling apart of the economies has been caused in large part by the actions of this amall alliance.  Global government is coming out of hidding finally!

The steathy alliance has meet once again on its four-year a schedual, this time setting on  May 30 through June 1 in Copenhagen, Denmark, in elegant spendor.

More so than earlier in the series of meeting over the year, it operated in brazen indifference to the rapid degradation in the living standards of humans throughout the world and the rising of the people who are becoming painfully aware of its intention to control every aspect of their living.

You will not find this meeting of the elites in any of the major news papers nor in the scheduel of the dominant radio networks within the United States, despite the importancc of getting the vital data to people.

The major TV and radio networks are in a major of all information the so-called blackout of the new world order, which includes the Bilderberg meetings.

Alex Jones, Infowars.com, does carry to current Bilderberg conference in detail, including incitefully write-ups and powerful video.  Go there!

Other aware networks carried the Bilderberg meeting, including the Drudge Report and World News Daily.

Ron Larsen


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