What’s Ahead for the Period Until August 1st?

I’ll be slowing down or stopping producing blogs for this website until August 1st to attend to some matters that cannot wait.

Much of the content and title in this blog have been taken form Infowars.com, but I have also used news gatherings from other sources.

Through August 1st, or thereabouts, you will receive much, much fewer, and perhaps no blogs at all, unless some particularly stident items suddenly appear on the news front.  This can happen, as you already know.

In the meantime, until I return full time on August 1st, I’ll write down now just of a few of my candidates to view to obtain maximum news quality.  Use them in addition to the other blogs you follow.

The candidates I recommend are in addition the sites that already appear in regular issues of Infowars.com and the other papers I list here.

infowars. com




Rest assured, I will monitor this blog daily no matter what.  But you’ll receive few or no additions to these blogs until August 1st.



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