FDA, mainstream media denounce nano silver as bogus cure for Ebola virus

Mainsteam media as well as the FDA have looked at cures for Ebola and have found nano silver as a bogus solution.

In this period of growning awareness of bogus pharmaceutical and over-counter drugs, these teams and the FDA agency have come up with nano silver as a bogus solution for Ebola.

On what basis?

Remember, this group some time ago approved triclorosan, Vioxx and Refutil. They were recommended as perfectly safe.  Only to be discovered that these medications were deadly years later and then taken off the market silently.

What happened?  Why were these medications approved in the first place?

Customers who bought and used products that used the drugs as ingredients…people of all sorts… died.  Lots of them died because of these ingredients!

“Too bad!  What the heck! …”

What the heck?  Do you mean to tell me that the high-priced biochemists at FDA who work there and those that are employed by the pharmaceutical companies didn’t really know that products they made or approved that used these deadly ingredients are poisonous?  Come on!

Mike Adam of Natural News has the story.
To read this report and copy it, first take your mouse and place its arrow on this link.  Then depress the button on the mouse until the flow of data starts.



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