CDC whistleblower’s secret letter to Gerberding released by Natural News as mainstream media desperately censors explosive story

Mike Adams of Natural News reports that the CDC whisteblower, William  H. Thompson, Ph.D., who stated the proof his organization knowingly covered up the the scientific evidence linking the NMR vaccine to autism, has revealed a secret letter he wrote to former CDC head Dr. Julie Gerberding in Februay 2, 2004 lamently that innoculation with this drug causes a increase risk autism in African-American babies.

Dr. Thompson goes on in this letter to explain that he will have to present several problematic results relating to statisical association between the receipt of NMR vaccine and autism.

Thompson also explains that the CDC has been covering up the truth about the safety problems.

Mike Adams has been reporting on this story for a week now. He has Thomson’s  copy letter to Dr. Julie Gerberding regarding this admission of the seriousness of the problem.  The link to this copy of the letter is contained in text of this report.  See below.

The letter adds another layer of grave concern to Thompson’s admission about CDC and the viability of this organization for any further work for the American people or anyone else.

Mike Adams continues on with this news story.
You can obtain a copy of this report by first taking your mouse and placing its arrow on this link.  The depress the button on the mouse until the data begins to flow.

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