Media conspiracy to bury CDC whistleblower story protects vaccine makers at the expense of human life

Mike Adams of Natural News describes a media conspiracy to bury CDC whistleblower’s story protects the vaccine makers at the expense of  human life.

Adams uncovered the beginnings of this story approximately one week ago and followed up with at least two revealing reports.  This is the latest report, which went to press on Wednesday, August 27th.

In addition, Adams has also published another bombshell story revealng the second shocking email released by the CDC whistleblower.  This email all but admits these CDC scientists knew they were commiting crimes back in 2002.  The reports is the second article reference in Relevent Reports section of ths paper.

Independent journalist Gary Franchi publish a bombshell with Brian Hooker who reveals the CDC now admits to altering the MMR vaccine study data.  This is published below as the first item in the Relevant Report section of this paper.

Meanwhile the entire mainstream media is running a total blackout of the CDC whistleblower story, protecting the interests of Big Pharma while putting American lives at risk.

Mike Adams has the story.
If you would like a copy of the August 27nd report, first take your mouse and place its arrow over this link.  The depress the button on the mouse until the begins to flow.

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