Rand Paul: Obama Is Not A King

The time for the president to circumvent Congress in making policy changes is the subject Rand Paul is looking at carefully this time around.  Obama is not king even though he may be acting as if he were, said Paul.

The president must start paying attention to the checks and balances that are inherent to our system of government, Paul said.

Namely, the president cannot just do anything, take any quasi-legal action he wants to, implying that its the law.  Some actions must first be authorized by Congress and then the president may take action to see that they are enforced.  That’s it!

If the president were to take action on some matters not specifically his as specified in the constitution or not authorized the congress, this could very well lead to a constitutional crisis.

Steve Watson, reporting from Great Britain for Infowars.com, has the story.
If you want to read this report and make a copy of it. first take your mouse and place the arrow on this link.  Then depress the button on the mouse until data begins to flow.

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