Official: New airstrikes under way; planes targeting refineries used by ISIS

New air attacks today by U.S. and coalition fighter jet aircraft are targeting ISIS modular oil refineries in eastern Syria to shut off the flow off money it is uses to run its operations.

We have this report of the attacks currently under way and reported by Laura Smith-Spark, Barbara Starr, Gul Tuysuz and Barbara Starr of CNN News.

These small oil installation under attack are modular units and are presumably not manned by civilians. They hold oil stolen by ISIS fighting forces and produce an income of about two million dollars per day.  The oil and gasoline is used by ISIS trucks and other vehicles for the transportation throughout the region.

Missiles and bombs released by the fighters and any drones operating with these planes will destroy the oil modules and reduce or shut off their flow, thereby slowing the spread of IVIV’s forces throughout Syria and pershaps Iraq.

The attacks today focus partially on ISIS oil installations to cut off support to operations that use trucks and other motor vehicles to move there troop to various locations.

However, there may be air attacks in other areas of Syria by U.S. and coalition fighter-bombers.  Information on these attacks is held by the U.S. and coalition fighter commands in the field would be released later in the day.

Here is the report from the reporters at CNN as it stands at 6 PM CDT.  It may be updated later in the day.
To read this article and copies of it, move the mouse on your computer to point to this link.  Then depress the button the mouse until data starts to flow.

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