The Truth About U.S. Air Strikes on Syria With Syrian Girl

Paul Joseph Watson had “Syrian girl” on the air today to talk about the United States air strikes Syria.  She gave her perspective on the raids, and the middle East agenda of the U.S. and its allies who conducted the air attacks.

Syria girl is a two years or more friend of Watson and Infowars. com.  She has her own regular broadcast over the Internet.  Her home country is Syria, but she and her family have migrated to Taiwan since she first was contacted by Watson.  She is know as Syrian girl for protective reasons but recently revealed her true name Ann Blogger.

Blogger spoke about the three conditions that were in effect and were the cause of the air attack.  These conditions were never stated by the United States explicitly but held true before and after the air attack.

Prior to getting to Blogger on actual reason attacks, Watson reiterated that the United States made a substantial air raid on Syria Tuesday.  The planes in the attack force consisted of American fighters, accompanied by a whole mass of drones.  An unspecified number of planes for other countries flew with the American fighters. Approximately eight adults and three children were killed in the attacks.

Supposedly, the purpose of the air attacks was to take out or substantially reduce the number of ISIS fighters in the targeted areas, but this is not certain since this news was obtained for a variety sources.

Watson emphasized that the air attack was conducted without the approval of al-Assad, president of that nation, and authorization was not obtained from U.S. Congress by President Obama beforehand.

Therefore, it was an illegal air attack. This presumably would make Obama subject impeachment and removal from office by Congress, but this conclusion is subject to argument of course.

Paul Joseph Watson has the news story, contained on the accompanying ten minute video.
To see the video and hear the report, first take your mouse and place its arrow on this link. Then depress the button on the mouse until data starts to transfer.

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