Ebola: The US diagnostic test is totally unreliable

Jon Rappoport, thirty year long investigative reporter and virus expert with voluminous references in the literature, has written a paper detailing why the United States diagnostic test for Ebola, PCR, is totally unreliable.

The paper, which is given below, was dated August 5th.  Today’s date is October 1st, near two months later.

But the internet pages from reliable and trusted new services and conventional news papers are filled with frantic statements that this is truly an epidemic.   A typical newspaper story reads something like this: “The hospital in Dallas, Texas, has just received the case of person with Ebola.  It was positively diagnosed by the PCR test”.

Someone says, “What? I thought the PCR test was totally unreliable!”

I say it is!  See Rappoport’s work!  Read it!

Why do all of the well-known, authoritative internet news sources come out as if they believe the pcr test is totally reliable for detecting Ebola?  These news sources are actually shouting it: “We have a Eboba epidemic coming, and the PCR test proves it”.

Well, the government, virtually all of the news source and practically all companies depending on having Ebola real and extremely large contagious…perhaps twenty, forty, fifty million people throughout the world!

If this so, companies can actually get into putting up of protection against the now well known Ebola, the pharmaceutical companies can start pump out billion of Ebola virus shots, and give the vaccines to eagar people.  And the government can get in everyone’s face with, “Did you have your Ebola vaccine inoculation?”

As to people who refuse the vaccine, word has it they will be put on buses and shipped for an indefinite stay at local FEMA camp.

But what if it’s not so.  What if Ebola is a dud as is the PCR test? Rappoport’s report shows that this is the case.  Well, then this epidemic is lost for the government and virtually everyone else, as was H1N1, swine, and other by gone flu viruses.

What is the next giant, epidemic virus can they come up with next, and what about an honest test for it?  Let’s see!

Jon Rappoport’s report follows.
Copy this report and then read it by first taking your mouse and pointing it at this link.  The depress the button on the mouse until the data from the report flows.

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