“Tracking Ebola contacts”: call in the Surveillance State

This is the second article in a two-part series by Jon Rappoport on the first case said to be caused by the Ebola virus that was received in Dallas, Texas and then tranferred to a local hospital in the same city.

Jon Rappoport has thirty years experience as an investigative journalist, reporting much of this time on medical disease and procedures.  He is a ruthless investigator!  You will find his website at NoMoreFalseNews.com.

The first article published by Rappoport yesterday is located in the Other Article section of this report.  It was put there since he refers to it this report, and I wanted to make access to it convenient for you.

Hold onto your hats!  This will be a spirited trip into the investigation of the number one, so called live “Ebola victim” received in the United States a day ago.  The victim is said by the CDC and others is the person we have to keep our eye on so that the virus “doesn’t spread”.

By the way, if you will looking into the Drudge Report for this morning, October 2nd, you will find it loaded with articles.  It contains numerous articles on spread of Ebola virus, and what measure are being taken to reduce it.

Now here is Jon Rappoport to tell you the complete story!
Read and copy this report by first taking your mouse and pointing it at this link.  The depress the button on the mouse until that data from the report start to flow.

Other Article

Is “1st US Ebola patient” a hoax?



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