Ebolagate: 47 questions and answers

About a week or two ago, I bought the arguments presented on this report by its author, Jon Rappoport, his blog, and his page, NoMoreFakeNews.com, regarding the Ebola virus.  Then there was a second and a third by Jon…and I again bought.  This was getting to be a real habit.  And with current report, dated October 3rd and forty-seven question and answers on Ebolagate, I was really stuck!

But it really wasn’t really bad!  I was stuck really good.

Take a look and a careful read of this thing by Rappoport.  It hits on the points no one else has even brought up, except for me, of course.  And it give very compelling answers.

All right: Ebolagate.  What are the forth-seven questions and answers, Mr. Rappoport?
Download and read this report by first taking your mouse and pointing at this link.  Then depress the button on the mouse briefly until the data from the report begins to flow.



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