Ebola: how to stage a fake epidemic

There are a half-dozen or so articles devoted the Ebola virus and the utter falseness of the test used to nail down this disease on any person said to have it.  See the first of Related News Articles.

All are written with great clarity by Jon Rappoport, with thirty-years working as medical practice and malpractice investigative reporter.

This is the latest report prepared by Rappoport in the last few weeks on Ebola.  It is how to stage a fake epidemic with the “dreaded” Ebola virus.

Essentially all internet reports and standard newspapers in the past few weeks say about a typical Ebola case that has been identified as such state,

“The positive identification of the Ebola virus was determined by the PCR technique in the infected person’s blood.” 

There is a problem with this finding.  Let’s a have look. In the last report in this series Rappoport states,

The two primary diagnostic tests for Ebola—the antibody and the PCR—are completely useless for verifying the presence of millions of Ebola virus in a patient—which is what you need to begin to say that patient is an ‘Ebola case.'”

So we see that antibody and PCR tests are useless for measuring the concentration of  Ebola viruses in a person’s body.  Since they are useless for that purpose, we do not know the concentration.  Therefore, we do not know if the person being tested is or is not an Ebola case.

Thus the internet and regular newspaper articles and therefore the source material are dead wrong about the person being positively identified as being an Ebola case.  We cannot say that he was an Ebola case.

These limitations of the PCR method were stated by Dr. Kary Mullis.  Dr. Mullis won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1993.

On the basis of above articles, absolutely no one has been identified as having Ebola as named by the authors of the pieces.  Therefore, the current Ebola epidemic is a fake, as stated by Rappoport!

Here’s the story by Jon Rappoport.
Copy the report and read it by first pointing your mouse at this link.  Then depress the button on the mouse until data from the report flow.

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