Read it and weep for our nation! …VIDEO: ISIS Leader Was Armed & Funded by Obama White House – Paul Joseph Watson

Headlines like this have become commonplace at the truth websites!  Not the evening, network news, of course.  Pretty shocking!

Imagine that: members of the United States Congress appearing with an ISIS leader and wishing him well, thanking him for the good things he does for the world,  especially for armed U.S. troops in the region!  Look at the video!

And the president? President Obama?  Where is your head, Mr. President?  Arming and funding ISIS?  ISIS?

Hey folks!  Have you had enough of news stories on ISIS on the TV news television, slanted as big news does of course?

For a newer, true perspective, learn about it all here…on Prison Planet!

Paul Joseph Watson takes off with this story and does it justice! .

Ron Larsen


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