Beyond Denial: Preparations for Martial Law in America — Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones

The following article is placed before you for your very sincere, deliberate consideration.

It concerns preparations for martial law in America by  so-called tyrants, by millions of men who are in and out of government at very high places and who want the United States to be subservient to a president of a world government.

To people who don’t think that way, the tyrants will say, “Forget about it…we’ll have our way!”

Tyrants are not trivial people!  These men and women are powerful, some situated even in the White House, Congressmen, extremely well-known, and very smooth talkers!  They want us, the good people of the United States, for their lunch.  They are tyrants, simply put!

As it turns out our troops, trained by these tyrants, have been in preparation with the best of intensions for the take over starting at least of far back of the New Orleans flood, just a few years ago.  But the tyrants have been ramping up the operation for many years, well back to 911 and then years behind that.

These tyranical people, their stealty inside-track to the distraction of American, is precisely what this set of articles is all about.

But it is time that we, the Tea Party people, the lovers of freedom and America according to Bill of Right, Constitution, and Declaration of Independence, become thoughly aware of the mission of these tryanical people.

Their plan is to take American from us and give it to a super-world power, the World Government, and then let us be damned!  Tough luck, huh?  They will tax us beyond belief and then let us rot!

These are terrible people!  Do something…now! 

Paul Joseph Watson’s and Alex Jones’ article is here.

Ron Larsen


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