Mainstream media FAIL: Sleazebag doctors attacking Doctor Oz have histories of criminal fraud and ties to Monsanto’s “Discredit Bureau” – Mike Adams

Mike Adam, The Health Ranger of Natural News, has struck of powerful blow at Monsanto Corporation by pointing out that the chief letter writer in a group of ten doctors that work as a team saying that the company’s glyphosate seeds and GMOs are completely safe, Dr. Gilbert Ross, is a convicted criminal and has engaged in Medicaid fraud.

Recently, Dr. Ross launched a defamation campaign against Doctor Oz, who has a media medical program, for Oz’s forthright stance against the real dangers of glyphosate and GMOs.  Dr. Ross and the his group deny these dangers.

A letter from Dr. Ross’ group demands that Columbia University Medical School remove Doctor Oz, a bright, talented physician and surgeon from its staff for incompetance.

The key signer of this letter was Dr. Ross, who was “convicted of racketeering, mail fraud and conspiracy.”  He was sentenced 47 months in jail, $40,000 in forfeiture and restitution of $612,855 in a scheme to defraud the Medicade system.

Does this make any sense at all that Dr. Ross should be leveling charges against Doctor Oz, considering Ross’ questionable reputation with the law?  And what about the other members of his group? They certainly know his questionable past.

As to glyphosate and GMOs produced Monsanto, the company is attempting to convert the world to using crops containing these components for cutting the cost of production.  Unfortunately for Monsanto, in many cases the newly produced crops far exceed in cost the non-glyphosate grown varieties.

In addition, distinguished researchers from this and other countries have shown that the glyphosates generate malformed field specimens after just a few iterative cycles.  And as a result of this research, glyphosates and GMO are banned in many countries.

Monsanto denies this research result and continues to market glyphosate to farmers throughout the world.  Meanwhile, it attempts to discredit this research, claiming incompetancy on the part of the researchers.

Check out Mike Adams review of Monsanto and the attack of Doctor Oz at Natural News.


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