Shocking: Martial Law Preparations Confirmed – Alex Jones

Here is Alex Jones with a whole desk full of U.S. government documents going back at least ten years or more  Stacks!  And they are official documents, by and large, and they go right up to the present.

The documents are complete, and they detail the whole procedure for gathering together people in Texas and other states, who really want freedom from government oppression, locking them in cuffs and chains and shipping them away in vans to somewhere.

But we are all involved.  This is an attack on our nation and its people by a fraudulent government that sits in the Whitehouse, in the District of Columbia and at unknown locations of the world.  It is real!  It is fraudulent!

The documents that appear in the video suggest a very large operation and it probably will last a long time.  The operation is complex. 

Look at the titles of volumes and understand this is real, not a game! This material is a preparation for martial law and its execution by moving masses of arrested people!

However, and this must be understood, martial law probably won’t happen during operation of this Jade Helm, which will be the practice conducted this summer by the military for the purpose of sharpening their operating skills.

Jade Helm in Texas and several other neighboring states this time will be manned by upwards of one thousand non-uniformed soldiers operatives as well as uniformed, armed soldiers and lots of very power, sophisticated equipment.

The non-uniformed operatives will attempt to blend in with with the residents in towns and cities, and never reveal their activities, mission or intent.  Their job is to survey the residents and find out how those inhabitant have prepared themselves to rapel the round up. These operatives must do this their job unobtrusively.

In the background, the miltarized troops dressed in battle gear and ready to get on with the task once the survey is operation or actually completed.

There may be several Jade Helms separated by many months. The purpose of these practice events will be to get U.S. government and military personel ready for the actual event — martial law — whenever it is scheduled to occur.

Alex and the team view the current documentation and the rapidly increasing, frantic level of present activity by government associated with the present Jade Helm as a truly intense.

Alex’s team denies it is an “opportunity to get a little for real field practice in”, as claimed by the military officers in charge of this Jade Helm operation.

No!  It is actually intended for the event — martial law — whenever it occurs!

The actual job of this Jade Helm, Alex’s team believes, is observation and the checking out of procedures that will be used at some point once martial law is declared.

Alex believes martial law will occur whenever conditions are right. That some time could be six months or eighteen months or later from the present date.

But get ready now for what you wish would not happen if it does —  An attempt at martial law!  Tell your neighbors and friends about Jade Helm and martial law and get them to wake up now.

We will not be able to stop the preparation stages for martial law by the U.S. government and its soldiers.  But we can stop it from moving onto and going into the final event — martial law and arrest and the shipping of people to somewhere, presumable some form of prison camp.

Listen to Alex and then get copies of the documents and read them.  The time to listen and read is now.  And then it is time to prepare by letting your friends and family know and getting ready yourself.

Martial law may not occurBut it may!  Be ready!

Get this information on this web page.  Don’t forget to tune in and for the very latest on Jade Helm and related topics.

Ron Larsen

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