Summer of Rage: More Riots Coming Soon — Paul Joseph Watson

More riots are coming this summer, says Paul Joseph Watson of Prison and on the 27th day of May 2015.  See his article.

A full ninety-six percent of Americans believe that this summer will bring a mushrooming number to skirmishes and all-day riots in major cities.

According to Watson, the elite know that more riots are coming soon too, because they have created the economic conditions that guarantee mass unrest.

They have introduced catastrophic Keynesian money policy at the world banks.  This has caused to banks to institute ongoing, repetitive, mass money printing to allow their leaders to fight new wars and skirmishes without ever going to the people asking for more financing through taxation.  It has also has resulted in worldwide currency failures and severe downturns to economies of many nations, regularly and on schedule!

With respect to the possiblity of summer riots, to a large extent they will be limited to black communities and cities.  As way of explaning this, community leaders say that blacks have been oppressed by whites, cutting the chances for employment and therefore for encouraging riots.

The black to white unemployment ratio is given by the May 6, 2015 article in Breitbart, which reveals that blacks have twice to number of unemployed as white persons.  So twice as many blacks are unemployed as are whites.

But this is only a partial view of the situation. Plain old negative feelings between black and white and black and black that fester during tough economic times and in a hot summer are one factor to consider.

Another is the habit of holding the black down just because he is not a white.  We’ve got to fix that now!

A third is that it’s cool to believe riots for blacks but not cool for whites.  By riots, I mean blood and gut riots, like many have been happening over that past year.  Not the First Amendment to the Constitution redress of wrongs, which has lots of banner waving and shouts.

This supposidly means it is cool for blacks to riotWhat?  Get at the reason!  Fix it!  We all, in a way, live together.  We must fix this situation by working with blacks on the riots…peacefully!

Then stop the whites from fomenting the blacks to riot.  Work with whites until it works…and works peacefully!

Stop the riots!

Ron Larsen


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