Rand Paul demands White House release trade deal text immediately

Rand Paul, one of the many Republican men looking to become his parties candidate despite the main press all but ignoring him in the early battles for the job, nails the administration for making a secret of what should not be that and blocking its release to the Congress and the public.

The trade deal is just that — a deal.  Yet President Obama treats it like a treaty, but one that will never have to be approved by the Senate of Congress to have full effect in the United States since it is international.

Really?  No, not really!  We have the U.S. Constitution, the fundament basis of law in our country.  And law is law, and the law says treaties must be approved by the SenatePeriod!  Without approval by the Senate it is dead!

Apparently the rest of next years selection of Democratic and Republican candidates for president just could not care less about the secrecy trade deal.  It’s just, “Ho, hum, no big deal”, for those folks.

But it is a big deal!  It’s a BIG DEAL, as are now uncounted hundreds of verifiable lies that have been made by the whole Washington cast, be they republicans, democrats or anything else.

Washington is a District of Criminals, as some talk show host said several years ago.  You can believe that statement:  Washington in a District of Criminals!

Read about Rand Paul statement in The Hill.

Ron Larsen


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