Donald Trump announces his candidacy for U.S. president

Donald Trump, the real estate mogul, announced that he will be a candidate for US president to a crowd of approximately one thousand excited listeners from an office in Trump Tower in New York City yesterday.

The whole announcement took forty-six minutes and was filled with the bravado that makes Donald Trump precisely him  — Donald Trump!

All kidding aside, Trump’s presentation was quite impressive.  He spent much of his time describing the characters in Obama administration as people who just do not know what they are doing at all in foreign affairs or anything else, including the president.

Trump went on how to describe how he will as president return America to its formal, powerful self by being just that — a strong, outspoken leader with absolutely no chance that failure will be an acceptable goal.

Trump’s attitude is a resounding Let me through, were gonna return the US to what our forefathers saw for our country over two hundred years later. 

According to Trump, this is precisely what we need now to wake up the people and let them know that we are alive after seven years of slow, easy years with Barack Obama as president and our nation simultaneously falling apart into Third World status.

To emphasize that his plans for this nation are really for now — with no excuses —Trump’s said that he plans to have the groundwork laid before he actually enters the White House to become president.  Then he will fly into action as president, making changes the minute he’s in office.

Catch the video of that presentation by Donald Trump on YouTube.

Ron Larsen


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