ISIS Attacks: What They’re Not Telling You — Paul Joseph Watson

“Islam is not a religion of peace. When are we going to acknowledge this fact?”, says Paul Joseph Watson in the article.

And it isn’t a religion of peace! In the Qur’an there are over one hundred statements that encourage the making of war and the killing of non-believers a requirement of the advocates of Islam.

Paul Joseph Watson does a spended job or showing how mainline news and may of our political leaders emphasize that Muslams are strongly advocate of peace.

Ridiculous!  Mainline and our leaders are trying to hoodwink the public!

This does not say the great bulk of Muslam, or whatever their particular call in Islam amounts to, are not peace loving people as a whole.  It does say that at least a significant minority of them want war enough that they can almost taste it!

Yesterday the ISIS contingent carried out massacres in Kuwait, Tunsia and Lyon, France.  In Lyon one victim was beheaded by a member wearing an ISIS flag.

Paul Joseph Watson has a voice and video report of these and other instances of ISIS and Islam atrocities.

Ron Larsen


See this report and others like it can be seen at and,  members of the Alex Jones network.


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