Another Planned Parenthood Doctor Haggling Price of Baby Body Parts

In just few days from the previous report, the Center for Medical Progress has released second set of Planned Parenthood doctors’ flicks.  This is the second doctor at a different time.

The second doctor, Mary Gatter, President of Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director’s Council, dickers over the price of baby parts, all the time unknowingly being photographed and her voice recorded by a hidden video video camera.

The meeting of the CMP team, which used actors, claimed surrepticously that they were representing people who wanted to purchase the parts from her Planned Parenthood affiliate.

CMP meeting with the Dr. Gatter took place a convenient restaurant, much like the scene of the report that appeared a few months back.

Had the deal been consumated, purchase of body parts from the Planned Parenthood affiliate following an abortion would have constituted a felony.

Already two committees in the House and Senate have called for investigations of Planned Parenthood, along with five state governments.

This information was reported in today by Austin Ruse.

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