Invisible Empire: A New World Order – Jason Bermas

The Invisible Empire: A New World Order, was written and narrated by Jason Bermas and produced by Alex Jones in the studios of

It is powerful film!  It is truthful, it is useful to us for it lets us know exactly what is the order is capable of, and it is honest!

This film is a good six years old, made in 2009, but it contains exactly what you need to know right now.  You see, we are in late 2015.  Events implied by the film in the past six years have already happened or are happening or will happen.  

It gives the background of the New World Order and shows how it kept itself hidden in plane sight.  For nearly all of the order’s people are well-know.  They appear and talk every where.

But with few exceptions they are still members of the New World Order, the Illuminati or one of miriad of organizations that stand for the same thing.

That is control of the entire world and its people by all and every means possible and placing them in one government. 

This means the loss of control by each country, a really bad state of affairs for every autonomous nations.  Can you imagine the Swiss getting along with Vietnamese and yet having one central government?

Go and Watch the Invisible Empire: A New World Order  It’s just over two hours long and this should be a first priority!

Ron Larsen


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