Doctors, the Pharmaceutical Bunch and Government Tell the Same Shopworn Story

If you thought all the pharmaceutical companies, the many doctors and the government are dedicated to the heath and well-being of you and your children, think again!

All three groups with few exceptions say the same thing about vaccines, which is that the vaccines are all safe and effective. 

But are the vaccines safe and effective? Even if thousands upon thousands of infants, children and grown people die within hours or a few days of their receiving innoculations of vaccine from fully competant personnel?

Are these deaths accidental? Or is there some plan afoot to increase the death rate by same lot of people who have put on a enormous effort into wrecking to United States and the world economy for many years.

The purpose of these people for over one hundred years has been to set up world government, that is a single agency that world rule the entire planet, and to reduce earth’s populations for seven to two billion.

A mighty undertaking! And these people are well-known to all of us.  But to many they are just known powerful people and people of influence, never what they are!

Some groups call them the globalists.  Others call them the new world order group or the Illuminati or the Bilderburgers or even the Council and Foreign Relations or Trilateral Commission members.

This is a very old story, one that became noticable to many alert people about twenty to thirty years ago.  But it really started at least one hundred years ago with the founding of the pharmaceutical companies and the establishment of the Federal Reserve System.

The Infowars team has taken up this story and the routing out of facts as something that must be handled now.  Our country is sliding into a dictatorial state or very close to it.

We are losing of freedoms at rate we have never experienced before to our government and corporations that regard true freedom as the property of the very, very few.

Review the work Infowars and Prisonplanet in the following following video.  Then spread the word!

We have got to make more people aware of state we are in with ragard to pharmaceutical industry and government.  The pharmaceutical industry calls the shots and the government plays along!  The government agencies are not our protectors!

Ron Larsen

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