Russia’s SU-34 Bombers have Destroyed 29 ISIS Camps in Syria in the Past 24 Hours, Leaving the Offensive Capability of the Enemy Drastically Reduced

The Russian air force during the last day in Syria has successfully knocked out 29 ISIS camps of the enemy, severely limiting the offense strength of jihadists in that country, reports

Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkovo, Ministry spokesman of Russia, said Saturday that SU-34 bombers also wiped out two military command centers, 25 fortified facilities and troop positions with military hardware.

During the initial phase of the operation, our warplanes have destroyed the biggest and most important supply hubs of ISIL,” Konashenkov said, referring to ISIS as ISIL. 

Furthermore, Konashenkov said, Some of them (ISIS militants) are demoralized and are actively leaving the battle zone, moving in eastern and northeastern directions” .

Russia began its bombing campaign in Syria last week.  The objective was to  provide air support to the government troops fighting against various terrorist groups. This permitted Syrian government troops to go on the offensive in Hama province on Friday.


Ron Larsen


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