With Monsanto Firing 2,600 Workers, its Stock Price Plummiting 25 Percent, and American Farmers Rejecting GMOs, is It the End of High Tech Technology for the Company?

In a story filed by Mother Jones, Monsanto, the grand dad of all high tech stocks, just underwent a stock price plummet of 25 percent and has let go 2,600 workers.

This has been preceded by American farmer starting to reject Monsanto’s GMO seeds and ordering the convention ones for spring planting.

What does this mean for Monsanto?  Are GMO seeds to be abandoned  from production by Monsanto, which has leader in the high tech development of these items?

Furthermore, what does this decreased purchasing from Monsanta imply given that farmers that planting GMO seeds is by far more expensive than conventional ones?

Less sales and decreased revenue for Monsanto in this GMO research and production area and more in pesticides!

Simply put, research-and-development investments in the ag-biotech/agrichemical sector apparently are not paying off—not enough blockbuster new products—so the few companies remaining in the field (there are six) are going to start swallowing each other up.


Ron Larsen


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