Political Correctness is a Manipulative Tool for Centralizing Power says Stella Morabito, Former Intelligence Expert

Stella Morabito, former intelligence expert, says the key to preventing ever-reaching federal government control is to avoid the phenomenon of political correctness.

For political correctness leads in the end to a full centralization of political power in the central government, something you should never wish on anyone!

This story of Stella Morabito is now on the web and has a 38 minute video with the interview in audio imbedded in it.  The video was published on the Daily Caller web site by Ginni Thomas just a few days ago.

Stella Morabito came from a family that was totally liberal.  Through college, which including study of the Russian civilizations and a long stint with government as an intelligence operative, she become a conservative.

Morabito says the liberal and the power elites, that is Hollywood people, the news and television network management and personel, and the operatives who go to Washington fulltime to manipulate congressmen and other political people, are the in-crowd.

The ones who manipulate believe manipulation is the thing that gets the job done!

Morabito said, generally, the conservatives never seem to catch onto the political tricks and machinations pulled by the left end of the political spectrum.

The effect of political correctness on people is that it shuts them down. People don’t talk to their own neighbors anymore if they read in the internet or a newsspaper something that troubles them about government.  They just shut up and forget about it!

Their fear is that if someone hears about the conversation with neighbors and the topic, that person or family will be rejected by everyone around them.  So they keep their mouths shut.

Shutting one’s mouth about circumstance or political events is dangerous, for next to go in its entirety is freedom of the press, one of elements of our first amendment to the U.S. constitution.

Should you laugh and say that political correctness is just kid thing, I urge you to stop laughing.  It is a live animal with big teeth for tens of millions or even larger for Americans on this day!

Listen to the entire show.  It’s 38 minutes long, about political correctness mostly, and very strong!


Ron Larsen


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