Just what is ‘Political Correctness’ and How does it block Free Speech by the People?

When a wrote the article a few days ago about Stella Morabito, the former intellegence person who mentioned how political correctness and how it is used to shut down communications  between people, I neglected to show why this technique absolutely clobers some neighborhood friendships and other relationships.

Political correctness is a technique that very subtly brings into the vocabulary certain persons, places and things that are somehow harmed by calling them by their original names.

As in instance, from now on we probably should call all women another, wisely neutral name, such as it, I would say.  Boys and girls are no longer suitable addressed.  We need to call them it and it.  And old, feeble people shouldn’t be addressed as that.  We’ll then, its its.

There are other folks who have recent names we’re familiar with but according the political correctness people we need to use the newer name.  For example, a black person should always be said to be an Africa-American, never a black person, say the political correctness people.  You risk hurting the feelings of that person and then perhaps being punched in the mouth by him for using that outmoded term!

Let’s take a look at Islamists.  In their ordinary clothes, some live in America, and some live outside. They may be called Muslim or Islamists, or they may be ISIS and ISIL, with the latter two used to confuse everyone.  The Islamists and Muslim could be fighters or not fighters.

The United States wants to leave ISIS alone in Syria, but the armed generals in the U.S. say ISIS protects the leader of Syria, Assad, and must be gotten rid of.

But the Russians are buddies with Assad, and they’re blasting the ISIS folks to bits.

In the mean time, United States continues to burn tax dollars of Americans by  trillions per month, with at least a half of those Americans believing that JFK never lived and that 911 was the name of an old movie.

Another quarter of Americans are pretty much with it but wonder why the neighbors aren’t calling Washington by phone and telling them to stop the insanity.  Yet they, the ones wondering about the neighbors, won’t do anything because no one has told them what to do! 

That leaves a quarter of us saying that this is crazy city, but at least we know what to do!

This is all very crazy, very confusing. don’t you think!  But it will get more confusing and crazy, believe me!


Ron Larsen


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