Here’s the Health Ranger, Joyous over the new baby ‘Jesus Donkey’ just born at the Health Ranger ranch in Texas… Natural News readers get to NAME IT!

That’s really neat! With the Health Ranger announcing!  The birth of a baby Jesus donkey on the Health Ranger’s ranch in Texas, just outside of Austin. I believe!

The donkey was born to the male and female that were rescued from the horrific fires in Bastrop, Texas four years ago and live on the ranch now.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, with the new born baby donkey held close to him

The donkeys are nicknamed “Jesus donkeys” because they bear a dark crosses on  their backs.  Odd, but very pleasantly so!

Make sure you put in your favorite name for their baby donkey, and he is a him!

My prayers go to you. sweet donkey, for a heathy and joyous free life on the ranch with Mike Adams!


Ron Larsen

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