Celente – The Second American Revolution STARTS NOW!

Gerald Celente, editor of the Trends Report, is interviewed by Alex Jones in mid-June 27, 2012 for just a little over one hourClick your mouse of this line to start the interview.

This original recording was featured initially in one of the June 2012 issues of RonLarsen.com. 

I played the full recording earlier this evening and was convinced that this copy should be heard today because its content is absolutely on target for these times, well over three years later.

As you know, Gerald Celente, a forecaster of full spectrum of events of the world, has run Trends Report for many, many years.

The articles from the journal appear on YouTube at this website, TrendsReports.com, but the site is also connects to a subscriber-only service, which can be accessed by the usual user name and password method.

There is very important material in the interview. Listen carefully!

By the way, you will enjoy Gerald Celente, if you haven’t yet seen and heard him.


Ron Larsen


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