Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief Interviewed by Alex Jones regarding Syria and Middle Eastern affairs on October 20, 2015

Joel Skousen, editor of World Affairs Brief, was video interviewed by Alex Jones on his normal weekly broadcast on Tuesday, October 2oth.

The interview can be seen by clicking your mouse here.  Alex begins the interview at 9.00 on the event marker.

Skousen shared his up-to-the-minute thoughts on Syrian warfare and related, Middle East topics of the area, the hot affairs of the year.  This was up-to-the-hour journalism!

Alex and Joel have known each other for years, and this was one of the bi-annual get togethers.  But yet is was a very important interview since Skousen knows the intimate details of conflicts in the Middle East  though his World Affairs Brief coverage.

Very near the end of the interview, Alex got a call-in from a listerer who sounded like he was sharp.  The listener asked Joel if he was familiar with the Carlyle Group,  He was certain that Carlyle had much to do with making and enormous amount of money in the Syrian and similar affairs.

Joel said, yes, he was very aware of the Carlyle Group.  The group had made cash by buying out collapsing companies for extreme low dollar values, turning them around, and making a fortune now that they could produce.

Listen to the entire interview!  You’ll discover much more!


Ron Larsen


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