After just saying there would be none of our U.S. troops placed in Syria, President Obama has ordered American soldiers into that country — Amazing!

In a true test of left-handed logic, President Obama gave word that he has ordered American special forces troops into Syria, a one-eighty degree shift in his policy of not sending U.S. soldiers into that country.

According to what senior administration official told the BBC , there will be “fewer than 50” forces deployed in the region to “train, advise and assist” vetted opposition forces to the Syrian troops of Basher al-Assad, the current president of that country.

Obama’s long term policy for Syria consists of capturing Assad, arranging for his expulsion from the country, and replacing him with someone who is in line with current U.S. and western objectives.

If the abrupt change in direction by Obama on the Syrian front was not enough to capture the attention of the American public, the report filed by Syracuse University certainly was sufficient when related to his contantly asserted call for gun control.

The Syracuse University report shows that gun convictions in the U.S. were actually down 34.5 percent in the period stretching for 1995 to 2005.

But, by way of contrast, Obama last week called for increased gun control because, he said, of an increase of illegal guns on the streets.  Interesting!


Ron Larsen


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