After 90 years, Ghandi’s view of Vaccines in still Unchanged: Vaccines are Full of Toxins, making them Unhealthy and Ineffective

Nearly a century ago, Mahatma Ghandi, the famed India resident who was responsible to ridding his country of English rule, wrote a series of books on health and well-being in humans.

In the one his books, A Guide to Health, Ghandi evaluated vaccinations for effectness and safety for halting the contraction disease and the spreading of it in the population of India.

Ghadi discovered, as is shown in the guide, that vaccines are ineffective, chiefly because they are laden with toxins, making them incapable stopping the disease from traveling from person to person.

Present day research and practice in number to laboratories in India, the United States and elsewhere still shows vaccines to be equally ineffective, as Ghandi discovered, because of still unrectified presence of highly undesirable toxins within them.

For example, in the case of small pox, Ghandi found that the “‘filth” of a diseased cow intentional contained in the vaccine injected the body of a health individual often made the person come down with the disease the innoculation was designed to protect him from getting.

The toxins included in Ghandi’s time are still found in modern-day versions of the vaccines. They often produce the disease in the innoculated person that the injection was supposd to prevent.

This story is covered by L. J. Devon the Natural News.


Ron Larsen

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