A Look at True Violence and Guns

This article is just two years old, but it gives an honest look at the results of giving people free reign of guns to protect themselves in the United States until 2013, which is the limit of the data.

The outcome of this story is that no, gun violence never does become zero.  But it is reduced progressively to signifcantly less in the past five years. This happened even though there has been a remarkable increase in the number of firearms sold to the public during this period.

It’s true that the accident rate from all sorts of maladies is very high, but only a very, very small number of fatalities were caused by firearms.

Furthermore, we know that significantly fewer persons are killed by the private gun owner than by police. Both of these groups were markedly smaller than the killing rate for total gun population.

The full story is told by Nick Leghorn in The Truth About Guns on the web, who does a miraculous job in a full webpage with ten full, detailed illustrations of the fatalities over over time.

Check it out!


Ron Larsen


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