Today’s News in a Flash…and don’t be too upset!

It’s Friday, and I’ve been thinking I haven’t let you in on the tons of news that published daily and which makes a profound statement about what is really going on in American currently.

So this afternoon, I thought I send you a bunch of news links that tell story with all of truth I muster.

The links are to stories which of a mighty affect on just what’s going on in politics and world affairs that a not simply about what Hollywood actress is doing a sex job on which man.  Or what Shootzy, the trained dog, really thinks about Mars and taps her paws giving answers and then taking applause.

No, these are no phoney heart throb stories.  You know the kind of stories you and your friends see on your tube while paging threw sitesooking to find significant news events that are actually happening

Are there weird stories? Yes they are, but they are real!

Take a gander and enjoy!

Ron Larsen

Significant News on Friday

Final Spending Bill is a Blowout of a Blowout!
House Easily Approves $1.1 Trillion Spending
Rubio Misses Critical Vote
Paul Ryan Builds Low Fence around his Mansion
Trump: Ryan Budget – A Disaster, A Joke!


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