Monsanto, also One of the World’s Largest Chemical Herbicide and Pesticide Companies, is Charged with Crimes Against Humanity

According the health products and information company,, “Monsanto will stand trial for ‘crimes against nature and humanity’ on October , 16, 2016 (World Food Day), in The Hague, Netherlands”

Monsanto has made the headlines for years as the primary culprit in producing and selling glyphosate, a weed killing compound that has been banned in 46 countries for its cancer producing effects on farm employees exposed to the chemical in their daily work.

But glyphosate as not been banned for use in the United States or Canada, and there is no indication that it will become unlawful for use in the future!

In addition, Monsanto has been at leading edge of efforts to spread the selling of so called GMO modified fruits and vegetables to large grocery food chains and restaurants in the U.S. and Canada.

But the claims by Monsanto that the prices of these products will be reduced by the GMO modification and that these fruits and vegetable are no different that the stardard varietes have been shown to be false.

Furthermore, the tragic aspect of using GMO crop is that they fail to produce viable seeds, which then can be used to create the next years yield of fruits and vegetable.

That is the farmer must buy all new seeds for the next season. This ups the cost of farming by a large amount!

These and other failings of Montanto have resulted the trial planned for the Hague next Octobar.

Read the full report and watch all the videos in it. Enlightening!


Ron Larsen


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