Record Number of Americans believe ISIS: Terrorists have America on the Ropes!

The headline shows that the largest number of Americans ever found that believe ISIS and the other terrorist organization have the U.S on the run, and we are on the way out of world politics forever, soon to be flying another frag!

So says Steve Watson of, reporting on a CNN/ORC poll of a few days ago and also going back by ten years or so.

Well, there might be a slight tendency for the latest poll to come out looking this way. But polls rarely show more that a 47 to 52 percent swing in favor and not in favor opinions.

This slight margin is not enough of change to really make a significant difference.  l’ll wait until the number looks like 40 and 60 before I make a judgement.

In the same article by Watson is a recorded television interview of Mike Flynn, former Defense Intelligency Agency director under President Obama, who was pushed out of the government recently for one reason or another.

Flynn said a few things about Obama that suggested the president was incompetant but certainly nothing about Obama’s apparent intent to hurt America greviously and intentionally.

Two instances of Obama’s implied true intention in this case were by first having signed an agreement to give Iran nuclear weapons.  And second by his opening the door to the U.S. for hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees.

There surely will not be with careful vetting of them to make sure ISIS spies could not sneak in along with the other presumably innocent refugees.   There are just to many refugees entering the U.S. from Syria or adjacent nations at the same time for the same “so called” called reason!  So some ISIS fighting people have gotten in or will get in!  Bad, bad deal!

What makes my statement about the plausibility of ISIS agents being secretly ensconsed in the mass of refugees swarming into the U.S. is that nearly all of them are men in their early twenties, and there are only a very small number of women in hundreds of thousands of refugees.

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