From Infowars – BOMBSHELL: Insider Roger Stone Leaks Koch Brothers, Rubio Plan to Stop Trump

Infowars reports that Roger Stone, strategist for the GOP, says that Mario Rubio and his backers, the Koch Brothers, have a plan to try and steal the Republican nomination for president from the far-on-top leader, Donald Trump, next week.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, another U.S. senator and contender, are second and third behind Trump, who is financially independent pays is own way in his campaign.  Both men rank roughly twenty points behind the leader and, on the other hand, have loans to support their campaigns.

As the plan is laid out, the Rubio team will hit on Trump’s long running civil law suit against him on Trump University, with the intent of blackening Trump’s name with blasts of newspaper political advertisements.

Then, following publication of the ads, if Rubio fails to win the Florida primary, his home state and where held to spot as state senator prior to his Washington position as U.S. senator, he will relinquish his spot in the list applicants for president to Mitt Romney.

The primary election date for the presidential contenders in Florida is March 15.

Romney is a well-known pinch hitter for the GOP, a deep-pocket consultant for Monsanto roughly twenty years ago, a smooth operator, a nice person, but loser of a presidential election that left Obama in the White House for a second term in 2012.  But Romney will no doubt accept the challenge again this time.

This action by Rubio and the Koch Brothers seems born out of desperation and appears to be pretty much unworkable against the far out leader of Republican contest, Donald Trump,

Trump is very, very strong,  knows politics and money management to a tee, understands and really likes people, and is used to winning big time even in very difficult situations.

Alex Jones, the leader of Infowars, interviewed Roger Stone, which is on a long video clip.  A text that mirrors the interview is included.


Ron Larsen


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