Another Up-Front, Roger Stone Report — Who is the Real Ted Cruz?

It doesn’t happen very often — Seldom do you find two papers by the same author, both chucked full of timely data that is hard to find but is contrary to every thing people know about a person.

This person is up-front in headlines, and it is critically important to how people vote in the next the Republican candidates in the next sixty days.

The person is Ted Cruz, one of the three top contenders working to receive the Republican nomination to run against the Democratic candidate in November.

This afternoon, I came across the paper written in January about Ted Cruz written by Roger Stone, a well-known, honest journalist.

Take a look.  It is astounding!  What it tells is not what Ted Cruz hoped you would believe about him.  It tells the truth!

It’s all about Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi!  Here it is:

The Roger Stone Report and Who is the Real Ted Cruz?


Ron Larsen


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