Trump working in Arizona Building Delegates while Cruz and Beck Use ‘Teddy Bear Toys’ to Encourage Poor Border Kids to Cross North into America

By far leader of the Republican race for nomination as the candidate for the November 2016 elections is Donald Trump.

On the Democratic side will be presumably Hillary Clinton.

Trump is speaking right now before packed, cheering crowds Arizona and Utah of tens of thousands, delivering information that is just what they are looking for.

He speaks to thousands and thousands of people since the middle of last year in rallies completely on his own dollar! Not furnished by some easy friends of industry!  And his is looking to be appointed as the Republican candidate!

Trump knows that people across the United States are sick of the Washington machine.  They are tired of politicians supposedly working for them but taking care of their vital interestsElection, next time!.

In fact, politicians, members of Congress others, work for industries that pay them to tell the people, “You have never has it so good! Just relax! Let’s go to war…That will make things better!”

But people know now have never has it so bad, which is what Donald Trump is telling those listeners far and wide.  And people shout, “Yes! Yes!”

This is not what Donald Trump really saying, however. It is what you have known, but which you could scarcely allow yourself to say, which is, “I’ve been had by the government…for years!  On everything!”

Now, let’s take a look at Ted Cruz, the second person in the headline.  Ted Cruz, the second place holder of this Republican race down along the Rio Grande right now on the southern extent of the United States.

Cruz is with Glen Beck carrying Teddy Bears to encourage poor kids from the south to cross north over that body of water into the United States.

Cruz and Beck hope showing of American affection will have the affect of embarrassing current United States president Barack Obama.

Obama’s has lacked of upfront invitation of the new, very young, illegal immigrants. Instead, he raised immigration quotas and said that he will give them amnesty.  What?

What wrong with this picture?  Thousands upon thousands of kids from south of the United States being given Teddy Bears to encourage them to stay in the United States by Ted Cruz?

Or Obama having changed immigration quotas and then letting thousands and thousands of illegal immigrant kids come in across the southern board?  Then, giving them amnesty?

Letting undocumented, illegal immigrant kids into the United States and setting immigration quotas high.  This is illegal immigration 

If so, this means we are no longer a nation.


Ron Larsen

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