Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace…It is a Belief System, that is ALL

Just in the last thirty days alone, there are been 23 terrorist attacks on civilians by Islamic activists in 22 countries, killing 1,018 people and 2,008 others.

This is a very large number of innocent people being eliminated or incapacitated by terrorists!

The latest of the radical Islamic terrorist attacks was in Brussels, Belgium, on Tuesday, March 22, today!  Thirty-six people were killed and the number with injuries is unspecified.

Before that, there were days, months, and years of even more killings and injuries by radical Islamic personnel.

What you should be getting by now is that radical Islam is about war, it is not a religion of peace.  It is a belief system, that is all!

As such it may be criticized, since it is not a religion!  Just a belief system, one that is taking an enormous toll on humans the world over, and moving rapidly!

Not at all peacefully and no longer contained in traditional immigration laws by edict through U.S. president, Barack Obama, and by European leaders, but by radical Islam on a far-to-long extended stay!

Paul Joseph Watson carries his story in  Read it carefully and then decide what you should be doing right now!


Ron Larsen

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