On the Stage of the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, Trump gives his First Speech on Foreign Policy

Donald Trump gave his speech on foreign policy to members of Foreign Policy Magazine on April 27, the day after his big win in the five northeastern states, at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Trump read his speech from a teleprompter, so tightness of delivery and obvious discomfort of the surroundings were noticeable.

Trump covered all the topics he usual does in airport hangers and huge meeting halls throughout the country while he’s campaigning.

However the clapping from the audience did seem restrained and often exactly matched the one or two second open spots that often occurred in his delivery.

Sounded just a wee-bit phony on the whole!

But I think we aught to give Trump a break!  It was not exactly the usual audience he was used to speaking with. Nor was he talking in his off-the-cuff style of delivery!

You can catch to entire, formal speech by Donald Trump on this site!


Ron Larsen


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