Donald Trump speaking before a California Republican Convention on April 29th

Donald Trump spoke before a California GOP convention on April 29th, telling the people what has happened so far in the fantastic, round-all-the-states rally tour that began with the election on February 1st in Iowa.

Then Trump covered the upcoming states, virtually all polling very high for his winning a very large number of delegates, very likely enough to win to nomination as the Republican candidate for president.

In the approximately three-quarters of the states that have had primary elections so far, Trump was able to win nearly of them, placing himself far ahead of Ted Cruz and John Kasich in both the popular and delegate lead counts.

Trump needs to have at 1,237 delegates to win of the first ballot at the Republican nominating convention, set for July 18th through the 31st in Cleveland, Ohio.

So far, Trump has 1,001 delegates, and Cruz, his nearest competitor, has 546.

You can see and hear Trump’s full talk at the California GOP convention on this website.

Listen!  It will be well worth hearing, since he tells of his pattern of wins and states, and what he must do the to take the Republican nomination as the presidential candidate on the first ballot at the convention.


Ron Larsen


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