“The science is settled on vaccines!”…Beware, these are words from the quacks, the frauds, the Dark Ages of science!

Vaccines date back to Louis Pasteur in 1792 ,and his vaccine from cow pox in cattle, supposedly used to cure chicken pox in a human.

But it’s now the year 2016, and believing that Pasteur cured chicken pox with cow pox vaccine, is typical so-called Dark Age thinking in modern time. It’s frankly foolish thinking.

Or, on the other hand, it may be driven by corporate policy in the present day as a way of making money any way possible!

Based on modern science. it is now known that vaccines from external sources, that is animals that have some form of cow pox or any sort of other disease, cannot cure anyone from any illness when the drugs that are made from them are injected into the person!

Instead, when a person has a illness like influenza, scarlet fever, the mumps and so on, a vaccine is actually produced. But it’s made automatically within the person to rid himself of the disease.

The vaccine goes to work, enveloping virus or microbe infection and getting rid of it through one of the dumping channels in body.  And hours later, the person is well again! 

The person doesn’t require an externally applied vaccine!  The vaccine is applied automatically by the body using the internal chemistry that is already present!  No doctors or technicians required!

Furthermore, if a baby is nursed with human milk from its mother, it gets an additional vaccine, that is antibodies, to start of with on its life journey!

Simple…as simple can be!

But Mike Adam of HealthRangerReport.com tells the whole story.


Ron Larsen


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