It’s a Total Farce! That is, YOUR DEMOCRACY, Voters!

Mike Adams, otherwise know as the Health Ranger, attacks of so-called democracy as an out-and-out farce after bring up case after case where the term no longer fits.

Part of this feeling Adams has stems from the government of Colorado for permitting the Republican state party to cancel the public voting for delegates and simply give all of them to Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is in second place for presidential candidacy decision, to be held in Cleveland in July, so far.  Cruz is perfectly happy with the decision!

Donald Trump, well into first place, was outraged when he heard of the decision, claiming that all primary election teams are rigged.

These and other anti-democratic practices used by government regularly are covered by Adams at this Internet site:, May 2nd, 2016.  Check it out!


Ron Larsen


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