Donald Trump’s Victory Speech after he Won the Indiana Primary!

Donald Trump had his family by his side when he made his victory speech after the Indiana win this evening.

Trump had been informed beforehand that Ted Cruz had given a speech about a half-hour earlier, in which he said he’d stopped his failed contest for Indiana and also suspended his entire campaign for the presidency.

The victory was announced over the networks at about 7 pm. Trump came out with his family at about 8:30 pm to join the crowd and give his well-deserved speech of victory!

Trump thanked his family and friends, all the people who manned the phones and did running for entire campaign, and Ted Cruz. whom he said was one tough opponent!

Then Trump briefly reviewed what he had said on his many campaign speeches, and stated what would be next in the run for the presidency.

You can see and hear Trump’s acceptance and victory speech and other matters at this site.


Ron Larsen


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